There is a common saying in India that “the mother is the baby’s first guru”. Pregnancy is just the start of a journey into motherhood, a journey where you’ll face many opportunities to grow and strengthen yourself, your baby, your relationships, your family, and your spirit. The practice of yoga, breathing and meditation techniques can help the mother-to-be bring her mind and body into balance.


  • The soft, flowing movements are an excellent preparation for birth and relief from aches and pains
  • Developing the awareness of full healthy breathing will help in labour but also create a special calming bond with the unborn baby
  • Meditation can help release any tension, fear and promotes restful sleep
  • Pregnancy yoga classes are also a great way to meet other expectant mummies and also to share any fears that they may have

My classes are relaxed and welcoming to any mummy-to-be who is pregnant for 14 weeks or more. I will tailor make the classes to suit your needs and to help relieve any aches or pains, but most of all, through classical music and meditation I hope that you will leave feeling refreshed, inspired and excited about this magical journey.