The arrival of a baby signifies new life but also the birth of a mother and with this, new emotions and challenges arise. Yoga can often help and bring harmony to this transition, enabling the new parent(s) to grow stronger and more confident.

My interest in postnatal yoga with baby came from my own experiences as a mother from a Caesarean birth. The techniques that I share with new mummies and daddies, have been used with my own daughter and they have brought us lots of fun and giggles.

The classes are set in a relaxed environment where babies can be fed, changed or sleep as they wish. I will adapt the classes to suit your needs, whether they be to relieve aches and pains, help with Colic and indigestion, poor sleep or slight depression.   We always end the session with a calm relaxation to classical music which helps you to both leave with a more positive and refreshed mind.


  • Helps to re-energise body through gentle postures that are specifically designed for a post natal body
  • Promotes relaxation for both parent and baby
  • Helps to settle sleep patterns and any digestive problems
  • Improves confidence in handling baby
  • Strengthens bond between parent and baby through fun exercises and singing
  • Be part of a community of other new mums

All you need is yourself, baby and perhaps a nappy or two. Drop in Classes are available at Breeze Yoga on Wednesdays 2-3pm.
Group Classes: Either join a group or create your own and then arrange a suitable time by contacting me directly